Meet the Team


Ian Read (Head Teacher)

1. I came to Watercliffe Meadow as deputy head for the new school in 2007 (the year before it opened) and worked with staff across the 3 previous schools while based at Shirecliffe Junior.
2. I love coming to work everyday, even on hard days because I can see the difference that we’re making. I think there is something very special about the children and families in this community and I think we have an awesome staff who truly want the best for the children.
3. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family Mrs Read and my 2 children Jack and Charlotte. They make me very happy. I guess they would also say that I love new gadgets and technology…which is true.
4. Keeping healthy is very important to me and my 2 interesting facts are that when I left school I got into triathlons and was Yorkshire and British U18 champion. I have also practiced Tai Chi Chuan everyday since May 2nd 1991 and many years ago I went to visit a world famous master before he died.

Claire Bradley (Deputy Headteacher)

1. I have been at WCM since it opened in 2008 after working at Busk Meadow since 1996.

2. I love WCM because of all the energy and love you feel when ever you walk through the doors.  The children, families and staff make it such a special place.

3. Out of work I love being with my family.  Eleanor and I are currently learning how to decorate cakes and love making them for family to enjoy.  I also like reading, some of the 101reads are my favourites.

4. I am a silver service trained waitress and used to serve the top consultants at the Hallamshire Hospital

Sue Bibby (Office Team)

1 Been here from the start.
2 I like the family atmosphere

Liz Graham (Office Team)

1. I started at Watercliffe Meadow when we opened in 2008. Before that I worked at Shirecliffe Junior School from 2000.
2. In my job, apart from looking after the money, I organise school visits, particularly residentials. I love this part of my job as it gives me the opportunity to introduce the children to locations, activities and ideas that they maybe haven’t tried before. It’s lovely to see the children complete a long walk, splashing in puddles, climbing mountains and just enjoying the countryside.
4. I have been racing in a Formula 1 car with The Stig.

Kim Walsh (Office Team)

1. Here from day one
2. No two days are the same
4. I qualified as a motor mechanic

Emma Wells (Assistant Headteacher)

1. I started Shirecliffe Junior School in 2006 so I have been at Watercliffe right from the start!

2. I love Watercliffe Meadow because there is always something happening! Happy kids who want to learn, great families and staff who want to make a difference. We are at the heart of the Shirecliffe community providing as many opportunities as we can for our children.

3. Out of school I enjoy spending time with my family. I have just had a little girl and am enjoying being a mummy. I have always taken part in exercise and gym classes. My sister and I love going to watch football!

4. Interesting fact about me is that I actually have two different coloured eyebrows! I dye one of them!

Kerry Heap (Phase 3 Assistant Headteacher)

1. When did you start at WCM
I started when Watercliffe Meadow opened in 2008.
2. What do you love about WCM?
The way that no two days are the same! The fact that every day you make a difference to someone.
3. What do you love doing outside school?
Reading and cooking are my real two interests, apart from buying lots of shoes!
4. One interesting fact about yourself
I was once given the lead part in a school production that required me to sing two very high solo songs! You might not believe that if you heard me sing now!

Sarah Holman (Phase 2 Assistant Headeacher)

1. After teaching at my last school for over eleven years, I was ready for a new challenge and heard fantastic things about Watercliffe Meadow so I was very happy to be able to join the school in January 2014.
2. I love working at WCM because every day brings a new and exciting challenge, the children are hardworking, energetic, thought provoking, humorous, and overall, a pleasure to teach.
3. In my spare time I love to travel, I am fascinated by the colours, tastes, sights, sounds and energy of different cultures.
4. An interesting fact about myself, err, I used to sell scuba diving lessons, however, I can’t scuba dive and I don’t like meeting fish in the middle of the deep, blue sea! Once I ordered fried chicken but ended up eating jelly fish, yuk!

Gillie Lane (Phase 1 Assistant Headteacher)

1. I started at WCM in Sept 2010
2. My most favourite thing about WCM is that it feels like a big family and a second home
3. In my spare time I like playing out with the Alfster
4. An interesting fact about me . . . When I started school I could not speak English!

Mark Bebbington (Teacher)

1. When you joined WCM, – When it opened

2. What you love most about WCM, – Unbelievably, the children. So many different characters.

3. What you enjoy doing out of work – Just started playing football in an ‘old man’s league’

4. An interesting fact about yourself – I can waggle my ears.

Jen Delaney (Teacher)

1. Started in 2010

2. I love the way we celebrate children’s achievements and efforts

3. I love shopping, especially for dresses and shoes

4. I worked in Thailand for a summer in an infant school. It was an amazing experience especially living with a Thai family in a remote village.

Gemma Eden (Teacher)

1. When did you start WCM? – I came to Watercliffe Meadow from Shirecliffe Junior School, so I have been here right from the beginning.

2. What do you love most about WCM? – I love how enthusiastic our children are, and how many exciting visits and residentials we go on (London is my favourite!)

3. What do you love doing outside of school? – I love to read – I like a whole range of genres, thrillers and girly books the most! I also love to listen to music. My best night of the week is Thursdays, when I spend the evening with Miss Heap and her children.

4. Interesting fact about yourself – I have a Grade 2 qualification for playing the clarinet. I also met S Club 7 on the day their first single went to number 1!

Emily Fry (Teacher)

1. When did you start? – 2012

2. What do you love most about WCM? – I love coming into school to be greeted with happy, smiley children who are so eager to learn! I love all the opportunities that WCM provides for our children and to see them gain so much from them is very heart warming. I love getting little notes from the children saying how much they love school.

3. What do you love doing outside of school? – I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and love to shop!. I love being active and always enjoy an early morning spinning class

4. Interesting fact – I swam with dolphins in Miami and I have ran 3 half marathons

Fran Gill (Teacher)

1. Started in 2009

2. Residentials and our togetherness. We are a family.

3. I love making and decorating cupcakes spending lots of time with my family.

4. I performed at the Lyceum in ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Danielle Houghton (Teacher)

1. I started at Watercliffe September 2008.

2. I love the fantastic children and families. I am very lucky to be able to say I have taught most of the children in school if they came to our nursery.

3. Out of work I enjoy watching football (particularly going to Anfield to watch Liverpool play), reading and spending time with my family and friends.

4. An interesting fact about me is I have been underwater walking on the seabed and fed fish.

Hannah Mallinson (Teacher)

1. Joined in Sept 2013.

2. I love the friendly, supportive and caring atmosphere that WCM has.

3. Outside of work I love to watch football, not a sheffield side though!

4. My interesting facts is that as part of my dance group when I was 14, I danced at Her Majesty’s Royal Theatre, London as part of the Young Performers show.

Tracey Mansell (Teacher)

1. I started at WCM in 2008 when the school opened.

2. I like the fact that we are like one big family and we all encourage everyone to be their best and reach their full potential. I also like the fact that we genuinely all care about each other.

3. In my spare time I enjoy walking in the countryside, dancing, eating out and reading.

4.My (not so) interesting fact is that I have been learning Latin and ballroom dance for the last 2 years and have danced in the Blackpool Tower ballroom!

Rebecca Moss (Teacher)

1. I started WCM in January 2012.

2. What I love most about WCMis the amazing children.

3. What I love outside of WCMare my friends and spending time with them. I also enjoy ‘boxercise’.

4. An interesting fact is that me and my mummy both work at WCM.

Hilary Read (Teacher)

1. When did I join WCM:  I join WCM about 6 weeks after the school opened – I took over from Miss Deans when she went on maternity leave.

2. What do I like most about WCM : The relationship that we have between staff and pupils is my most favourite thing about WCM.

3. What I like doing outside of work : Spending time with my family, reading, sleeping, running (sort of), planning and then going on exciting holidays.

4. An interesting fact about myself : I used to be on the opening credits of Grandstand on BBC1 every Saturday morning.

Laura Reid (Teacher)

1) I started at WCM when it first opened in September 2008 and before that I was at Shirecliffe Junior.

2) What I love the most at WCM are the people; the staff, the children and parents. I don’t think that you could find the same level of caring and love amongst people in any other school, we are so lucky to have one another.

3) When I’m not at school I love spending time with my family and going on visits to lots of different places. Just the other weekend we had a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (which is somewhere that we have visited many times before), I love the open space and beautiful surroundings.

I also love going to a regular ashtanga yoga class, this always makes me feel better and improves my mood.  I have taught yoga to some of the children at WCM as part of PE and community week activities.

4) An interesting fact about me: In 2012 we had to move out of our family home as it was used as a filming location for the Sheffield based TV series, Prisoners’ Wives.  We had to live in hotel for two weeks until the filming had been completed and then we could move back home.  So you could say that I have a famous house!

Laura Sims (Teacher)

1. When did I join WCM? – I came to WCM on supply in May 2011.

2. What do I like most about WCM? – The children! The feeling of being a small part of something/somewhere that matters.

3. What I like doing outside of work – Looking after my family, especially my little lovelies Lily and Oscar.

4. An interesting fact about myself  – I play the flute and love music.

Natasha Wood (Teacher)

1. I’ve worked at WCM since September 2014.
2. My favourite things are the enthusiasm everyone I meet has for our school, how positive we are about learning…and the under floor heating!
3. Outside school, I love to travel – at the moment I’m planning a trip to Central America and hopefully China. Running, yoga and even a bit of touch rugby usually feature somewhere in my week, as does meeting up with friends and family and having a good giggle.
4. One of the most exciting things I’ve done was swapping the 7 hills of Sheffield for Rwanda, the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’, in Africa for a whole year!

Jodie Moxam (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

1. I have been at watercliffe meadow since it first opened in September 2008.
2. What I love most about watercliffe meadow is how everyone is encouraged to learn. If it wasn’t for my colleagues, our lovely families and the support they gave me, I would never have gone to university and achieved a BA hons in Early Years.
3. When I’m not at school, I love being with my daughter, Ava. We spend lots of time outdoors, visiting exciting places! I also spend lots of time eating out as I am rubbish at cooking!!!
4. My grandad is of Jamaican descent. Also, I started a new hobby, lifting weights 6 months ago and I am now officially the strongest girl at my gym!!!

Kath Beresford (Teaching Assistant)

1. I started Watercliffe Meadow in 2008.

2. What I like about Watercliffe Meadow is that we are a caring and easily approachable school. We all want the best for each individual child to help them reach their best potential and give them the confidence to go for what they want.

3. I enjoy watching Callum playing football it’s my proud mummy moment.

4. My interesting fact is I met Boyzone live on stage at Sheffield Arena. (My claim to fame)

Stacey Beresford (Teaching Assistant)

1. I started Watercliffe meadow in February 2012,

2. Things I like about Watercliffe we all want the kids to achieve their potential.

3. I like watching films and walking my dogs.

4. (The only interesting fact I can think of) is I love animals and have 2 bearded dragons, 2 Alaskan malamutes and a cat

Adie Betts (Teaching Assistant)

1. I started Watercliffe meadow when it first opened in September 2008.

2. I love WCM for being a place I can work in a happy and caring environment. I feel privileged to work amongst children and families of Shirecliffe.

3. When I’m not at work I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, past and present.

4. I have worked with the children of Shirecliffe for 40 years and i am now seeing pupils back with their own children and grandchildren! I also used to horse ride but unfortunately I didn’t become a show jumper because I used to be over the jumps before the horse!!!

Wendy Blues (Teaching Assistant)

1. I started at WCM in September 2008

2. I love going to work everyday, engaging with parents and their children, showing a welcoming, caring and understanding manner. Helping the children progress with their learning and play. Working alongside lovely members of staff.

3. Out of school I enjoy going to the east coast with my family and joining in with different activities.

4. My interesting fact is that I’ve been married for 22 years, and still going!

Joanne Dwyer (Teaching Assistant)

1. I started at WCM when it first opened in September 2008.

2. The thing I love most about WCM is of course the children, but I also love how our school is part of the community and has a real family feel.

3. Out of school I love spending time with my family and friends.

4. My interesting fact is that I swam with dolphins in Israel, I lived in America for a while and I have a strange phobia of tomato ketchup.

Diane Fenton (Teaching Assistant)

1. I started at Watercliffe when it opened in 2008

2. The thing I love most about WCM is being able to meet the new nursery children and their families when I do the home visits and then see them settle in and become part of the Watercliffe Meadow family .

3. Outside school I like to go walking, dance and go to the theatre.

4. Interesting fact: I have been dancing since I was 3 and teach tap, ballet and theatre dance and tread the boards twice a year!

Dawn Gray (Teaching Assistant)

1. I started 2010 in Year 4

2. WCM makes everyone feel part of a big family

3. Out of school- being a mum spending time with my children. Watching my son play football

4. I worked with in children in America, Switzerland and Tenerife

Donna Hartley (Teaching Assistant)

1. I’ve been at WCM 6 years.

2. I love walking with my dogs especially around Bradfield.

3. What I love about WCM is that everyone really cares for the children and really wants the best for them all.

4. I have met the Queen and seen Queen!I met Her Majesty the Queen at the opening of the Spion Kop Hillsborough in 1986 while I was Ticket Office Manager.

I saw Queen the group plus other great bands at the original Live Aid Concert at Wembley Arena in 1984.

Lisa Howson (Teaching Assistant)

1. I started volunteering at Watercliffe Meadow when the school opened. I did a variety of courses through school and became a L2 Teaching Assistant in January 2011.

2. The thing I love about Watercliffe Meadow is greeting the children when they enter Nursery and watching them grow and mature as they make their way through school. Working in a happy and friendly environment with great people, both work colleagues and parents.

3. One of my hobbies is knitting. I love to knit toys, some of which I fetch into school when we hold our fairs to raise money for school funds.

4. A fact about me is that I like to use power tools and I am getting a good collection together.

Dawn Hubbard (Teaching Assistant)

1. Started wcm September 2008

2. I love having the opportunity to go on residentials, I love it when the children tell me how much they love coming to school.

3. I enjoy going to the gym, baking and walking my dog.

4. I used to be a Veterinary Nurse

Dan Moore (Teaching Assistant)

1. Started WCM September 2008.

2. I like the fact that everyday seeing the potential in every pupil.

3.In my spare time I like going to the gym.

4. I was 1 of 7000+ who broke the Guinness World Record for number of participants doing a spinning class at the same time!

Miriam Mukerker (Teaching Assistant)

1. I joined Watercliffe when it first opened in 2008.

2. I love the warm and friendly atmosphere around school.

3. I really enjoy gardening, it is a love of mine that is growing.

4. I was once associated with the ‘Rat Pack’.

Kath Palmer (Teaching Assistant)

1. I came to WCM in September 2008 (when it first opened)

2. That it’s a very caring and friendly school.

3. Walking, not as much as I feel I used to, spending time with my family and reading.

4. Nothing interesting about me I’m afraid…except I was once a Showgirl!

Sue Shepherd (Teaching Assistant)

1. I have worked at WCM since it opened.

2. I love working each day with a great team of people. Every day is different and it’s a pleasure to help our children learn and achieve their best.

3. In my spare time I enjoy taking long walks in the countryside, watching musical theatre and going on holiday.

4. Not such an interesting fact – I go to a ballroom dancing class every week.

Kay Tabor-Hall (Teaching Assistant)

1. When it opened in 2008

2. Hearing children read and handwriting

3. Reading, going to the theatre and cinema

4. I can write with both hands and like Leonardo da Vinci I can mirror write

Corina Antcliff (Senco)

1. Joined in 2008
2. What I like most is that everybody is so friendly and supportive and work alongside each other to meet every child’s individual needs.
3. Out of work I enjoy spending time with my family. I like walking and cycling.
4. Interesting fact – I am related to the Duke of Leeds

Rachel Burrows (Reading Recovery Teacher)

1. Joined WCM in Oct. 2011 when S. Moss was needed for another role in school.
2. Love the unequalled care, commitment and dedication shown by parents and staff.
3. enjoy travelling abroad with my family during holidays.
4. used to work in a sweetie factory.

Sam Dyson (Sports Coach)

1. When did I start? 2009
2. What do I love about Watercliffe Meadow? I love all the experiences provided at Watercliffe Meadow for the children. I love coming to work and spending my days with such happy and enthusiastic children and staff.
3. What do you love out of school?I love spending time with my daughter. I love being outdoors. I love making a mess!!!!!
4. Interesting Fact? I have done a sky dive at 15,000ft in New Zealand. I have been around the world. I have a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo

Jodi Anderson (Sports Coach)

1. When did you start at Watercliffe Meadow?
September 2014
2. What do you love about Watercliffe Meadow?
I love how everybody at Watercliffe Meadow is really friendly and make you feel happy and at home every day.
I also love being able to dress up and take part in lots of fun activities all the time!
I love hanging out with lots of cool people, we learn new things and having fun.
3. What do you love to do when you are out of school?
When I am not at school, I love to go to the cinema; I usually go between 2 and 4 times a week!
I also love singing, eating out and spending time with my friends and family.
4. Interesting fact
I am part Native American (like Pocahontas).
I have played with my band at the O2 arena in London.
I have flipped over the handlebars of my bike twice (but I still love it).
My favourite theatre show and inspiration for music is STOMP

Sue Moss (SENCo)

1. I started at Watercliffe Meadow when it first opened in September 2008.
2. I love that my job enables me to get to know all the children in school and I can help the children that struggle with their learning.
3. Out of school I like to go walking and calling in Cafes for coffee and cake. I love visiting new places.
4. My interesting fact is that I have been in a show with Mrs Morton where we did some Belly dancing.

Tracy Tompkinson (Learning Mentor)

1. January 2009
2.The early years. It’s a real privilege to work in such a happy and caring place. I work with so many amazing children and their families at the very start of their Watercliffe journey.
3. Spending time with my family and friends – usually centred around food and drink.
4. I’m a Cadbury’s Chocoholic!

Steve Smith (Literacy Consultant)

1. I’ve been working at WCM since 2011 (although I’ve provided support for the school for longer than this)
2. What I love most about the school: I love the way that everyone is so welcoming and friendly in school. Teachers and children are all caring and considerate and we all look after each other.
3. When I’m not at school I like spending time outdoors. I go running when I can and enjoy going for walks and adventures with my family and friends.
4. Interesting fact: I once spent a month walking 300km over the Himalayan mountains in India to reach the Tibetan plateau.

Marie Morton (Numbers Count Teacher)

1. I’ve been at Watercliffe Meadow since it opened in 2008.
2. I love how friendly the school is especially when children come to say hello or wave to me when I’m sat in my room. I also love that children like our Quizzle Question and Minion Maths challenges.
3. I like crocheting, reading, baking and going to the gym with Mrs Moss, Mrs Hubbard and Mrs Cusworth. I also like going on visits, my next visit is to The Harry Potter Studio.
4. I go belly dancing with Mrs Moss and we’ve just performed in our first show.


Glynn Riches

What made you want to be a governor?

I was initially asked if i would like to become an associate governor by Mrs Kingdon (the former Headteacher). I was really enthusiastic about taking up this role, as I believe parents can have a positive input into how the school is run, and I feel that staff and fellow governors at WCM really value and listen to our views. I have been fortunate to have also been a parent governor, and I am now a community governor.

How long have you been involved in WCM?

I have been involved with WCM since it opened, initially as a parent, and for the past 4 years I have been a governor and a volunteer in school.

What is your connection to WCM?

I have had a child and 2 nephews that attended WCM, and now have a role as a community governor. I always look to support the school with residential visits, summer fetes and any other events. I have lived for the majority of my life in the community that WCM serves.

What do you love most about WCM?

For me, the thing I love the most about WCM is the family friendly, welcoming atmosphere. There always seem to be happy, smiling faces there and, from my own experiences, I have always found staff to approachable, empathetic and supportive, not just to parents but, most importantly, to our children. I speak from personal experience, as a father of a child with initial Special Educational Needs who, with the support and encouragement he received at WCM, went on to thrive and has become a ‘high attainer’ in secondary school, when he could have easily been allowed to ‘drift’ without support in primary.

Every child is treated as an individual at WCM, and given the best possible chance to thrive.

Tell us a bit about yourself – what do you do?  What are your personal interests?

I am currently a final year social work student at the University of Huddersfield, where I also have an important role as a student representative on the Student Panel, Course Committee and the University Board . I hope to work with children when qualified, possibly with children with a learning disability or those who need some additional support to reach their potential.

In my spare time, I like to watch my son play rugby, and I am a massive Sheffield United supporter. I also enjoy reading and going to places of interest, such as historic buildings (castles, churches etc).

Lee Brammer

What made you want to be a governor?

I have a background of working within schools and now work in education recruitment so wanted to still be involved with schools directly share my knowledge and make a difference to childrens lives

How long have you been involved in WCM?

Since the beginning, I was made Chair of the shadow Governing Body very early on so was part of WCM before it even existed

What is your connection to WCM?

I was previously Chair of Governors at Watermead NI before the school closed and WCM opened. I have a real love for WCM, for short period of time due to work commitments I had to step down as Chair but was still involved but there is something so special about the school which pulls you in

What do you love most about WCM?

The love that each and every person has for the children and in making a difference to their lives. We were very clear from the beginning before the school opened that every decision we made, no matter how difficult would be about the children and that is something that still happens each and every day

Tell us a bit about yourself – what do you do?  What are your personal interests?

I am Managing Director of an Education Recruitment Agency so the business I run places supply teacher sin schools. In my spare time my 2 Labradors, Barney & Wesley keep me busy and am also a member of an amateur musical theatre group in Sheffield

Jason Hutson

What made you want to be a governor?

To be able to give something back that would be positive both to my child’s education and the community as a whole.

How long have you been involved in WCM?

5 years

What is your connection to WCM?

My two children have attended the school,(and my Sister In Law is deputy head)

What do you love most about WCM?

The atmosphere which is created by the positive culture within school. Children are always put first, every child does matter and opportunities for children to learn new life skills and become good citizens are endless.

Tell us a bit about yourself – what do you do?  What are your personal interests?

My day-job takes place at a Speciality Chemical Manufacturer, where I am in charge of the Quality Control Laboratory. This involves a lot of chemistry/science based testing. Due to the nature of the chemicals I am also well versed in H&S!!.  Outside of work I have played hockey for many years for several clubs and am currently playing for Chapeltown Hockey Club. I also help with the youth section and am currently running the U14 boys team. I also enjoy travelling and have been fortunate to visit many places over the years including USA, Singapore, Thailand and several European countries. My favourite destination though was Australia which allowed me to combine my travel bug with one of my other loves, nature.

Damien D’Arcy

What made you want to be a Governor?

I want to understand how schools nationwide are having to change and how new change can be good.  Being a governor means I can be involved in this change.  I want to do my best to support the children and school in an active role.

How long have you been involved in WCM?

Being a parent of children in WCM I have tried to be involved as much as possible by going to the workshops where the parents and children are involved in fun activities together, which helps children with their learning and understanding of the world around them.

What is your connection to WCM?

I have three children in the school.  My wife and I have been involved in the FAST project which brings school, parents and children closer together.  I have also had an active part in the “Read On Get On” scheme which is based on children and parents spending time to read books with each other.

What do you love most about WCM?

If you have any problems you can always talk to a member of staff.  The school and the community have always had a close relationship.  The children enjoy the school visits which are fund, enjoyable and help with learning.  I have also taken part in and enjoyed the adult learning courses

Tell us a bit about yourself-what do you do? What are your personal interests?

I live in the Shirecliffe area, and I have six children, three of which come to Watercliffe Meadow.  I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids.  I enjoy learning new things which I can then teach my children to broaden their horizons.

Chris Jessop

Who’s in your family?
My husband, two children and 7 grandchildren aged between 7 and 24

Do you have any pets? No but my son and daughter both have dogs
I love dogs.

What is your favourite food?
I love French and Indian dishes
What are your hobbies?
Reading , theatre, music . solving Sudokus and learning Spanish

What is your proudest achievement?
Passing my GCSE Spanish exam last year and ,having been a Headteacher.

Tell us a ‘little known’ fact about yourself:
I am really frightened of birds due to a traumatic experience as a young child!

Do you have any special powers?
I wish I had!!

If you ruled the world what would you change?
I would want to make sure that no children live in poverty and that they all had access to learning and good healthcare.

Margaret Anderson

My name is Margaret Anderson and I am very happy to be a co-opted governor at Watercliffe Meadow.

I am now retired, having worked in schools and with Sheffield Education Authority for 39 years.  This included working as a class teacher, special needs co-ordinator, Deputy and Headteacher in a variety of schools and as a School Adviser with the Local Authority.

I was very pleased to be invited to join the governing body two years ago and as I have time to give, decided to accept the invitation.  I had previously been involved with the old Shirecliffe Junior, Busk Meadow and Watermead Infant Schools when I worked as a School Adviser, so I had real interest in re-establishing my relationship with the wonderful “new” Watercliffe Meadow school.

My very first visit to the school, just prior to being approved as a governor, left me in no doubt that Watercliffe Meadow was a special place that I really wanted to be associated with.

When I visit the school, I am always impressed by the calm learning environment that has been created and the friendliness of the children and staff.

When not being a governor at Watercliffe Meadow, I enjoy being retired as I now have time to read, travel and see family and friends more often.