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Autumn Term 2017

Our School Day

Punctuality is an important life skill for children to learn. Please help your children to arrive at school on time so that they can avoid having to miss the start of their day’s learning.

Start of the Day

• Breakfast Club starts in the Meadow Cafe at 8.00am. • The school day starts at 8.45am for Nursery pupils. • For all other children, classrooms are open from 8.45am and the playground is supervised from this time if they choose to play outside. • Registration for all children is at 8.55am. • Any children arriving after 9.00am will need to come into school through the main office. • Please note that from 9.05am children will officially be late and recorded as such on the register

End of the Day

The end of the day is staggered to allow parents who have children of different ages in different places at Watercliffe Meadow the time to collect them: • Children in Nursery (Foundation Stage 1) finish at 3.00pm. • Children in the downstairs classrooms (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) finish at 3.05pm. • Children in the upstairs classrooms (Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6) end the day at 3.10pm After school clubs will start at 3.15pm. The times of these will be advertised on the Community noticeboards.


The decision to have a school uniform and P.E. kit was made by our whole school community including parents/carers, staff in the school and the children.

• All pupils must wear a sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece that is embroidered with the Watercliffe Meadow logo. • Polo Shirts can be either sky blue or royal blue and these can be worn with or without the school logo • PLAIN black or grey trousers, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, pinafore or skirt (no denim) • Flat black shoes, or plain black or white trainers • Girls can wear a blue gingham dress in the summer. It is important to put your child’s name on all of their clothes – with almost 500 children in school it is very difficult to identify lost clothing if it has no name on it! Uniform and name labels can always be ordered through the school office.


Because our school is carpeted throughout and we have 500 children using our school every day, children will be expected to change into some indoor shoes when they go into their classrooms. Thesecan either be plimsolls, a pair of flat full slippers or flat sandals.


All children must bring a PE Kit into which they will change into for PE lessons and lunchtime/after school clubs. This is really important for reasons of hygiene. Our PE kit is very simple: • Plain black shorts • Plain white t.shirt, with or without our school logo • Children must have appropriate footwear for outdoor PE – plimsolls or trainers • Plain black leggings or tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE • Plain sweatshirt /tracksuit top for outdoor lessons


We operate a no jewellery policy with the exception of one pair of stud earrings which your child needs to be able to remove for PE. If your child is planning to have their ears pierced please do this at the beginning of the Summer Holidays so they have time to settle down before the new term begins.

Pupil Premium – Nature of support 2018-2019

Every school or academy has a duty to ensure that every individual child is given the best possible chance of achieving their potential. Pupil Premium, which is additional to main academy funding, is carefully managed to enable us to offer personalised support for children in a range of ways.

Pupil Premium funding_2017-2018


Overview of the school 2018-2019

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received_-1718


There are 4 key areas where we use pupil premium money to try and ensure maximum benefit for as many children as possible. Our pupil premium strategy is reviewed termly through our Inclusion Governors Committee and reported to the Full Governing Body annually.

1. Early Intervention in Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Barrier to educational achievement

The vast majority of our pupils start Foundation Stage well below the age related expectations for language development.


We work closely with our speech and language therapist to accelerate speech, language and communication skills of our children in Foundation Stage. Stage appropriate language groups are part of our core provision in nursery and reception and we use some pupil premium funding to enable these groups to happen.

Evidence of Impact

• Progress from start of F1 to % of children reaching GLD by end of F2
• Progress in language assessment (BPVS, Sheffield Language Screening?, Renfrew) from 3rd to 5th birthday.

2. Investment in Quality First Teaching and Targeted Intervention in Reading, Writing and Maths

Barrier to educational achievement

The percentage of children with SEN in school (currently 25%?) is significantly higher than the national average.


We invest heavily in the quality first teaching in each classroom and employ additional capacity in teaching staff in every year group from Y2-Y6 and employ a specialist teacher to run targeted interventions for pupils identified through termly pupil progress meetings.

Evidence of Impact

• Progress and attainment in each year group.
• Outcomes at the end of each key stage.
• Measured progress of individual children on accelerated intervention programmes.

3. Support for the Social, Emotional, Mental Health and Well-being of Children and Families

Barrier to educational achievement

The percentage of children with SEMH needs is significantly higher than average. We have a high proportion of families with safeguarding concerns. Many of these families have compounded needs, which lead to complex barriers to learning and achievement.


The group of children at WCM who struggle the most to make progress are those where family life is chaotic, there are often other issues such as debt, attendance, struggling with boundaries, lack of early attachment, etc. Watercliffe Meadow runs on Nurture Principles and these run through everything that we do. Our Inclusion Team work hard with these identified children and families to give support and guidance, and try to help them re-dress the balance of their difficult start in life. We run a number of workshops and programmes (such as Families and Schools Together) for parents and families to set up support networks and engage in school life.

Evidence of Impact

• Safeguarding overview
• Learning Mentor interventions and caseload
• Attendance data
• Case studies of individual children and families.
• FAST report

4. Enrichment activities and opportunities

Barrier to educational achievement

Many children don’t have the opportunity outside of school to access enrichment experiences.


Our curriculum at Watercliffe Meadow is deliberately ‘experience rich’ with lots of opportunities to go out on visits and field trips, we regularly have visitors and performers in school, we run a variety of extra-curricular activities through the Children’s University and all children from Y2 – Y6 have the opportunity to go on an annual residential experience.

Evidence of Impact

• Annual report on children accessing Children’s University.
• Number of children accessing residentials.
• Case studies of individual children and families.

PE & Sport at Watercliffe Meadow

School Facilities

As a new school (opened in September 2008), Watercliffe Meadow has a purpose built sports hall and considerable grounds, which include 2 multi-use games areas (MUGAs), 2 traditional playground areas and a field. In 2013, our community raised money for an all year running and cycling track on our school field. Together with money from our school fund and grant applications this enabled us to create an additional all weather track and ‘PE circuit’ around the outskirts of the field.


PE and Sport Government Funding

As a healthy school we are very driven when it comes to providing our children with opportunities in sport both socially and competitively. There is a particular emphasis on fitness and enjoyment of sport. Having a specialist sports coach in school means physical activity in curriculum time has significantly increased. We have been able to provide children with a greater range of sporting experiences both for fun and competitively. The range of sports we cover in curriculum PE is very wide from traditional games football, rugby to alternative sports such as tri-golf and ultimate Frisbee. Our key aims are to continue to increase the amount of time children spend being active both through the curriculum and through a wide range of activities on offer at social times and as out of school clubs and activities. We will continue to make use of our running track and challenge all children to beat their PBs each term in a number of recorded physical challenges.

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium

School Sport Monitoring Toolkit



Sheffield Local Authority administers all admissions to Watercliffe Meadow through the Pupil Admissions Team.

You can find out more about the admission policy and how to apply for a place for your child on the Sheffield City council website. Admissions information from Sheffield City Council